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 · The Baʿathist government that took over in 1968 originally encouraged public ownership and established agricultural cooperatives and collective farms, but those proved to be inefficient. After 1983 the government rented state-owned land to private concerns, with no limit on the size of holdings, and from 1987 it sold or leased all state farms.

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The Iraqi Criminal Law Code, Law 111 of 1969, and Law 93 of 2004 address corruption offences such as bribery and money laundering. [3] The antiquated Civil Code of Iraq is a primary source of Contract Law and forms the core of the commercial legal system, defining contractual law…


1 - Provision of this law shall apply to the zone which covers territories being subject to the sovereignty of the Iraqi Republic, internal waters and territorial sea thereof. 2 - Free zones and shops where customs statutory provisions shall not be applied in whole or

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 · Among the agricultural products being exported by the Philippines, coconut oil and other products derived from coconut contribute more than $1 billion in the country''s annual ...

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Category: Public administration Issued by: Iraq - Federal Law type: Decree Law No .: 11 Date of enactment: 14-03-2016 Effectiveness of legislation: Sari Title of legislation: Protection of agricultural and animal wealth Source: Iraqi Chronicle | Date of Issue: 14-03

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Anti-epidemic measures, such as quarantine, fumigation, and disinfection greatly restricted the movement of ships, passengers, and commercial shipments. These procedures contributed, more or less, to disrupt the movement of foreign trade in its export and import tracks.

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The Iraqi authorities are mandating arrivals to Iraq to quarantine for 14 days in facilities approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. Most companies will be cautious before they approve of the facilities where they will allow their staff to spend their 14 day self-isolation period.

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Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi today. The Secretary conveyed his outrage at the multiple rocket attacks yesterday in Erbil and sent his condolences to the innocent Iraqi civilians who were injured as well as to the Coalition members injured and the family and loved ones of the civilian contractor killed in the attack.

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All plants or plant products shall submit to agricultural quarantine system and shall not be allowed to inter if contaminated polluting with pests or any of the diseases shown in the table number (1) attached to this law .

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David Christopher Kelly CMG (14 May 1944 – 17 July 2003) was a Welsh scientist and authority on biological warfare (BW). In July 2003 he had an off-the-record conversation with Andrew Gilligan, a BBC journalist; during their discussion they talked about the 2002 dossier on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which stated that some of Iraq''s chemical and biological weapons were deployable ...

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Issue No. (4615) Of The Iraqi Newspaper Al-Waqi''a Issued On 1/2/2021 2021-02-08 01:06:00 1- Law No. (25) for the year 2020 on ratification of the United Nations Convention on Transparency in Treaty Arbitration between Investors and States.

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Nihaya Khalaf, ''An Evaluation of the Iraqi Draft Law on the Protection and Exchange of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture'', 15/1 Law, Environment and Development Journal (2019), p. 1,

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Agricultural methods, he said, have been shown to work by Hong Kong. In 1998 Hong Kong banned ducks and geese from markets; in 2000 they instituted a single "clean day" each month when all markets would simultaneously be cleaned; and in 2001 they extended the market ban to quail.

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Model of Iraqi Phytosanitary Certificate for Agricultural and Agricultural by Products Exports 21 Dec 2017 28 Apr 2020 Australia ... Quarantine Law No. (76) For the year 2012 28 Apr 2020 28 Apr 2020 Philippines Importation of Plants, Planting Materials and ...


(1) Every Quarantine Officer may for the purposes of this Act detain, open, inspect, examine, sample, submit for diagnostic examination, direct reshipment, direct removal to a quarantine area, remove for treatment, treat any animal, animal product,

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 · Nawshirwan Mustafa, Southern Kurdistan''s leader, writer, historian and a prominent head of the region''s leading opposition party who passed away four years ago had in one of his books portrayed Iraq to be "The museum of nations". In the book "Rotating in circle, the inner side of the events: 1980-1984"He inscribed that the country is […]

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The quarantine offices destroyed 19 shipments weighing 6.23 tonnes for violating the Agricultural Quarantine Law and for being largely infected with quarantine and non-quarantine pests. Agricultural quarantine is the first line of defence for protection of farm products from infections.

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Note: The civil penalty for failing to declare agricultural items at U.S. ports of entry will cost first time offenders $300. The penalty for the second violation goes up to $500. To avoid receiving a penalty all agricultural items and present them to Customs and Border Protection for inspection so that an agriculture specialist can determine if it is admissible.

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divert them from their plant nature along with the seasonal agricultural products and live animals. This is according to the "Law of Agriculture Quarantine" no.75 for 2012, the "Law of Animal Protection" no. 32 for 2013 and the Agriculture Seasonal Calendar. 5.

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As at 7 November 2018 personal consignments of pork jerky and pork biltong will not be permitted entry. The department has introduced new measures to minimise the risk of an outbreak of African Swine Fever in Australia. This will not affect commercial ...

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• Decree Law No. 112 of 1976 concerning Agricultural Quarantine • Decree Law No. 8 of 1980 amending some provisions of Law No. 5 of 1975 concerning the allegations of property bonds, or to seize the property of the State • Law No. 30 of 1982 - amending some

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In particular and accordantly to article 5 of Law 4686/2020 (Government Gazette A ''96 / 12.05.2020), a second paragraph has been added in point d'' of article 63 of Law 4636/2019, where it is provided that: "For the full registration of applications for international

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 · I cannot take credit for the compilation of the Laws shown below, it was brought in from another site. The link to the Iraqi Law Library is at the bottom of this post. Feel free to validate. Law No. (1) for the year 2012 - the second amendment to the Act Law and the

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Import and sale of oil products law No. 9 of 2006. Registry and classification instructions of contractors No. 3 of 2009. Taxation instructions for contracts signed between Iraqi and foreign parties No. 2 of 2008. Public service salary law No. 22 of 2008. Ministry of

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The Iraqi embassy has issued a statement in connection with an individual who brought the Iraqi citizens to Azerbaijan under the pretext of assisting them to get education, Iraqi Charge d''Affairs in Azerbaijan Fadhil Awad Jebur al-Shuwaili said at a press conference in Baku on Nov. 6.

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The Iraqi Civil Code was enacted on September 8, 1951 and became effective two years later on September 8, 1953. The Iraqi Code is based on the Egyptian and before that French Code Civil. Although it incorporates Islamic elements, its overall structure and

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 · Quarantine Law No. (76) For the year 2012 Article 1, the following terms are intended the meanings against indicated for the purposes of this law: First, the authorized authority: Directorate of Crop Protection / Ministry of Agriculture in Iraqi.